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BodySex Workshop

Almudena M. Ferrer

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Private Session in Madrid

This type of workshop is designed for women who prefer to work individually or do not fit the dates of the workshops. 

Before our first session, I ask you to write a small reflection of your sexual life. Framing our past allows us to contextualize the current moment and start creating the future we want. 

What previous work is done before?

You will reflect and write about your religious education, your parent´s attitude toward sex, and your current sex life.

What happens during the workshop?

We will talk about your sexual history and your current sex life with yourself and your partner if you have one, as well as your feelings about pleasure, body shame, intimacy, and masturbation.

We will attend to our breathing to relax and connect with ourselves.

We will work together on getting to know your genitals with a mirror. Identifying and accepting our sexual anatomy is the basis of sexual pleasure.

We will enhance your current massage practice, or start if you have never touched yourself before; this will include connecting with yourself and focusing on new sensations to enhance pleasure.

Practice and learn how to better use vibrators and sex toys.

Rock and Roll method for pleasure: balancing the pelvis, tightening and relaxing the PC muscle while controlling breathing, and stimulating the clitoris with and without a stainless steel vaginal barbell inside the vagina.

This helps women get used to touching each other with external and internal stimulation while imitating movements during sex, i.e. it is transferable to the partner's sex.

We will learn to use the sound of breathing and movement to increase sexual pleasure before and during orgasm.

We will exercise the fantasies, how to generate them, and use them.

We will take some time to answer any questions you may have about sexuality.

How long does it last?

The individual BodySex workshop lasts approximately five hours.

How much does the workshop cost?

The price of the workshop is 650€

What does this price include?

Materials (which you will take home):

  • Medical stainless steel barbell (140 Euro)
  • Medical grade silicone vibrator.**
  • Materials in the room:

Sterilized material such as:

  • towels
  • covers
  • carpets
  • cleaners
  • almond oil
  • wipes

* The bar is new and exclusive for each participant. It is still sterilized before the workshop and in the end, you will take it home.

** The vibrator is also naturally new and like the bar, you will take it home at the end of the workshop.

I believe that no woman should be left out for economic reasons by paying special attention to single mothers, students and the long-term unemployed.

If the price of the workshop is the only reason you don't decide to do it, contact me and we will find a way for you to come.

About BodySex Madrid

I am Almudena M. Ferrer, I started collaborating with Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross a few years ago, and I certified in their program to bring the BodySex Workshop™ to Europe.

The workshops are in Madrid, although on special occasions I travel to other locations.

I also teach the BodySex Online workshop.

About BodySex

BodySex it´s a female sexuality workshop developed by Betty Dodson in the USA since the 60s. We explain you more here.

Bread&Sex received formation and was certified by Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross to be able to bring the workshop to Europe.