Upcoming Workshops

You may have doubts and questions.

Get in contact with me and we´ll solve it together.

You may also be interested in the workshop but you don´t feel ready for or comfortable in a group.

We can do a private workshop if you prefer to.

Just send me an email to hola@breadandsex.com or fill this form:

How much it costs the workshop?

The price of the workshop is 650€.

What does the workshop include?

BodySex is a two-day workshop.
Each day we will be five hours together, where you will actively participate.
A very careful facilitation work on my part is necessary during the two days with the group and with each one in particular, and also requires very careful material and conditions:
The room has to be very special. The experience has shown me that it has to be a private and safe place, where we are all comfortable and with total confidence.

  • Steel bar of medical grade (120 €). *
  • Medical Silicone Vibrator. **
  • Lunch for two days.
  • Sterilized material such as towels, covers, carpets
  • Cleaners, almond oil, wipes, etc.

* The bar is new and exclusive for each participant. It is still sterilized before the workshop and at the end, each will be taken home.
** The vibrator is also naturally new! and just like the bar, each one will take it to the end of the workshop.

No one should stop doing the workshop for economic reasons

When I met Betty Dodson I felt it was my responsibility to give back and share what BodySex and her work has meant to me. That is why I believe that no woman should be left out for economic reasons.
If the price of the shop is the only reason you do not decide to do it, contact me and we look for the way you can go.