What will happen

BodySex ¿Qué pasa durante el taller?

What is going to happen?

We are going to spend a weekend together, Saturday and Sunday, five hours each day.

The first day we will speak about bodies, orgasms and vulvas.

On the second day, we will work techniques of masturbation, erotic recess and group massage.

We will have a vibrator, a vaginal bar, handkerchiefs and almond oil.

We will learn techniques of relaxation, of breathing and we will open a dialogue with the own body seen from the pleasure perspective.

And why attend?

Because you will discover parts of your body and what they can do for you, and above all because you will discover yourself.

That women learn to manage their own pleasure is a very good way to strengthen their relationships. Pleasure not only empowers women, but benefits their partners.

You will be able to experience a transformation and sisterhood with other women.

Experiences and testimonies

Arancha, (42 years)

“When you talk about attending a workshop like this, you can not imagine that what you’re going to get out of it goes way beyond learning about your sexual pleasure … maybe that’s the least important part I lived that weekend for me.You surprise yourself by sharing with other women doubts, complexes, experiences and, of course, sexual pleasures, with a naturalness that you do not expect … It is really a course of personal growth, based on knowing yourself and to love oneself, in the most intimate, in a way that gives you that which is now so fashionable, called (although I do not like the term at all) feminine empowerment, which is nothing more than confidence in yourself , in your power as a woman, independently of everything that is around you, for the simple fact of having a woman’s body and control over your pleasure.That is basically what marked a before and after of my experience Bodysex, thanks mainly to how Almudena is able to make the magic flow every minute of that weekend … ”

Amelie (28 years old)

“The bodysex workshop with Almudena is Ah-mazing! It helped me learn more about my body and explore new ways of pleasure. It was a liberating experience and afterwards I felt more comfortable in my body. Almudena is a sweetheart and has a ton of knowledge that she is happy to share”.

Adela (45 years old)

“For me it has been a very intense experience of body consciousness, which puts you on the road to relearning and practicing. I stirred feelings and I charged my energy, and now I feel more capable. The environment and the company were unbeatable, I felt comfortable at all times , Almudena is a woman full of energy that makes you feel the same, it should be mandatory”.