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Betty Dodson

Bodysex is the workshop created by  Betty Dodson, artist and sexuality educator internationally recognized who has focused her work and activism in sex-positive.

Her book Sex for One  still remains as one of the main references in sexology about masturbation and self-knowledge.

Betty was very active during the sexual revolution of the late 60s, specially in the New York sexual scene. In this context she observed something surprised her: in the parties, while men were having a real good time without any complex, women apparently liberated looked like being faking.

She started to organize groups of feminist auto consciousness  where women meet together to share their concerns. They saw that every one shared the same problems talking about their own sexuality, they all had fears and were ashamed of their bodies and complexes about their genitals. But at the same time they discovered that they weren´t alone and that what it had seemed to her and individual issue was in fact a shared situation.

Betty started then to develop in collaboration with the women that assisted a workshop where openly approach in women groups questions such as genitals, masturbation or orgasm.

So, finally Betty developed her own method publish in her books and put into practice in her Bodysex Workshop.

Nowadays Betty still organizes the workshop with Carlin Ross in New York.

Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross

Betty Dodson & Carlin Ross interview