Almudena M. Ferrer

Almudena Martínez Ferrer

I’m sexologist and coach, training expert and member of AES (Spanish Associaction of Sexology Specialists).

I dedicate professionally to training in the field of sexuality from the point of view of pleasure and , trying always to explore the playful sexuality concept.

I take part in different media and since more han two years I do a weekly radio program about sexuality in Cadena Ser Madrid.

Bread & Sex is the brand I created on 2013 to be able to collect the different investigations about sexuality and innovation I wanted to do around the world. My challenge is to design the sexuality of the 21st century.

I traveled to USA to visit and interview the relevant people that had something to say about ludic sexuality since the sexual revolution to our days.

In that journey I met and interviewed Betty Dodson whose books I had already read and felt immediately fascinated. Even though I hadn’t planned it all, next day I participate in a Bodysex workshop and accepted the challenge of bringing to Europe BodySex.

With that purpose I fliew again to New York (I  succeeded funding it with a crowdfunding campaign) and had formation with Betty and Carlin Ross to be able to do a Bodysex certified by her.

Certificado Bodysex Almudena Martínez Ferrer