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BodySex Workshop

Almudena M. Ferrer

What´s BodySex

It is a women to women workshop where you can explore your relationship with your body and your sexuality.

The center of the workshop is self-knowledge and self-awareness as key pieces for personal development.

Own our own sexuality is key for having a real presence in the world, for being conscious of what we want. For enjoying our own existence and having a positive and secure image of ourselves.

Pleasure and senses from a positive perspective. Pleasure as a right every woman has and that so many times we reject. Because we have been taught to be ashamed and we haven’t allow ourselves to know our own body.

A place where listen and be heard by other women to share different experiences. A space of trust where be really what we are.

Two days to see us, know us, recognize oursleves and connect one with each other.

About BodySex Madrid

Soy Almudena M. Ferrer, hace ya unos años que seguí el programa de certifcación que imparten Betty Dodson y Carlin Ross para traer el BodySex Workshop™ a Europa.

Los talleres presenciales son en Madrid, aunque en ocasiones especiales me desplazao a otras ubicaciones.

También imparto el taller BodySex Online.

About BodySex

BodySex it´s a female sexuality workshop developed by Betty Dodson in the USA since the 60s. We explain you more here.

Bread&Sex received formation and was certified by Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross to be able to bring the workshop to Europe.