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BodySex WorkshopTM

Almudena M. Ferrer

Where does it comes from

Bodysex is the workshop created by Betty Dodson in the 1970s.

Betty is an internationally recognised artist and sex educator who has focused her work and activism on positive sexuality.

Betty developed these workshops using the awakening of the sexual revolution where women began to come together and share their first-person experience.

Her book Sex for One remains one of the leading references in sexology on masturbation and self-knowledge.

Betty Dodson was very active in the sexual revolution of the 1960s, especially in the New York sex scene. In this context, she noticed something that caught her attention: at the parties she organised, while the men seemed to be enjoying themselves without any complexes, the women were in fact faking it.

She organised feminist self-awareness groups where women met to share their concerns. They saw that they all found it difficult to talk about their sexuality, that they all had fears and shame about their bodies and complexes about their genitals. But at the same time they saw that by talking about these issues in a group they discovered that they were not alone, and that what seemed to them to be a personal problem was common to all of them.

Betty Dodson began to create, in collaboration with the women who attended, workshops in which they could openly address issues such as their genitals, masturbation or orgasm.

And so Betty finally developed her own method, the Betty Dodson Masturbation Method, published in her books, and put it into practice in the Bodysex workshop.