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BodySex WorkshopTM

Almudena M. Ferrer

What´s BodySex

BodySex is an intensive workshop in which you will work in a practical way on your relationship with your body and your sexuality. The focus of the workshop is self-knowledge and pleasure, which allows us to find a new sense of power and independence.

Why BodySex?

Owning our own sexuality is essential to have a real presence in the world and to be aware of what we want. It is also to enjoy our existence and to have a positive and confident self-image.

BodySex helps you to experience pleasure and to take ownership of your body from a positive perspective. Pleasure as a right that we have access to and too often give up, because we have been taught to be ashamed and have not allowed ourselves to know our own bodies.

BodySex provides a place to listen and be listened to in a space of trust where we can be ourselves.