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BodySex WorkshopTM

Almudena M. Ferrer

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Reasons to attend a BodySex

  • You can't reach orgasm, or you are not sure you can reach orgasm, but you know you want to.

  • You don't feel able to enjoy your sexuality or get pleasure.

  • You know how to feel pleasure on your own, but you don't get it with a partner.

  • You don't feel connected to your body, you don't feel it.

  • You feel pain when you have sex.

  • You feel shame or guilt when you feel pleasure.

  • You want to be the owner of your sexuality, of your own pleasure, not having to depend on anything or anyone to experience it.

  • You know that you are missing out on something as a woman that is no longer taboo.

  • You want to improve your body image, to stop being ashamed or uncomfortable with your body.

  • You have had enough of pretending while having sex with your partner.

  • You want to enjoy the experience

What you will get out of attending a BodySex

  • Learn how to have an orgasm (reaching orgasm is neither the most important thing nor can I guarantee it, although it happens most of the time).

  • Improve and accept your body image

  • Enjoy your body and your pleasure when and how you want it.

  • Self-knowledge. Both of your sexuality and of yourself.

  • Gain self-confidence.

  • Improve your relationship with your partner

  • Connect with yourself.